Cole Banas ~ Metal Sculpture and Assemblage

Cole welded his first creative piece at 10 years old. Now a freshman in high school, he uses found materials to create metal sculptures and wood assemblages.

Eric Banas ~ Metalwork, Painting and Assemblage

Eric Banas, is a Joshua Tree, CA artist whose artistic inclination is a natural source of inspiration for others. Love for his natural surroundings has forged an affinity for the use of reclaimed materials in his craft.

Eric Saks ~ Painting & Photography

Eric creates in multiple mediums, from painting to video. He is still working on his first cookbook and likes to trade his work for rare bottles of wine or art from other artists.

Rick Kendall ~ Metal Sculpture

Rick started as a young man in the sheet metal business working with various types of metals. His art ability has defined his technique, style and design.

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