Jaque Shank


artist-jaque-shank-photoJaque Shank enjoys freedom of expression with watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. She decided to begin her painting journey in 2004 when a friend invited her to a final summer session where fifty-year career artist ‘Elsie Grace’ was teaching in Southern California. Jaque was amazed as this one teacher’s love for art and unique expression magically ushered her heart into the art world. An already accomplished writer and creator of books, Jaque fell in love with color and texture, trees, cows, and skylines, as well as other surprises that wondrously appear on canvas and paper. Jaque’s art now appears on the cover of her books, on greeting cards, in homes where others enjoy her personal style, and occasionally in art galleries and shows.



Jaque Shank, a former resident of Southern California, now lives in the great state of Kansas. Jaque is an accomplished writer and has always taken an artistic outlook on life. She loves the use of bright colors and many of her pieces display the whimsical side of life.
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